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Bendigo Restaurants.

The city’s freshest restaurant, bar and social hub is located right in the heart of the Bendigo CBD.

Rocks on Rosalind is situated at 12 View Street, Bendigo. Housed within the historic National Bank walls, ‘Rocks’ over looks beautiful Rosalind Park and the Alexandra Fountain.
Rocks has taken the Bendigo dining scene by storm. Bendigo Restaurants

Our venue provides everyone with a range of social choices. Modern dining, casual bar culture, lunch in the sunshine, or an intimate foodie escape. Bendigo Restaurants


Rocks on Rosalind is a stunning venue through out. It features the original stone clad vault, high ceilings and large arched windows.

Inside is fresh, modern and casual restaurant, spacious bar area and private dining spaces. The interior design has cleverly enhanced the sophistication of the existing structure.

The building has many stories to tell. Feel free to ask us to show you around. We are very pleased to provide a tour of the venue, point out famous (and infamous!) historic features and tales. Let us show you how we have turned the old into the very, very new. Read more here.

Our staff will entice you to relax within the sophisticated décor which enhances the original historic bank building.  The menu is innovative, evolving and provocative, matching the sophisticated wine and beverage selection. Our cocktails are famous, providing a big city bar culture in Bendigo, positioned uniquely differently to other Bendigo restaurants and bars.

With a range of spaces to enjoy, you can choose exactly where you want to be. Pop yourself up casually at the bar, sit in the sunshine of the rear courtyard, or bring in a group for private dining in The Vault.

Travelers to the region can explore Bendigo and surrounds and find somewhere to stay very close by to us. For more information visit Bendigo Tourism.