The Rocks Dining Philosophy.

A great dining experience is built on a solid foundation.

We believe this foundation is a combination of vibrant tastes and textures, a thoughtful beverage accompaniment, the enticing hospitable environment, and most importantly, the story you leave with.

The guests’ story of the Rocks on Rosalind experience is the most exciting element because it keeps us thinking. Creating new tastes, exploring new combinations, willing you – the diner – to try them and to tell your own story.

Share your dishes, or choose your own. Enjoy something you know and love or try something new. Let us take the reins or navigate your own course. Relaxed and casual or enjoy a ten course banquet with friends and family.

Sit back, relax. Let’s work together to create your story complete with great company, full bellies and a smile.

Ben, Finn & the Rocks Team

First Flavours   Main Course    Dessert

Rocks Banquets:

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Ben Massey is excited to bring his own cooking style to the array of Bendigo restaurants on offer. Ben brings a different style of cuisine to the region, drawing on his immense knowledge of European, Asian and fresh modern cooking. He creates original and contemporary cuisine, offering both fresh, subtle influences and bold full bodied dishes with intense flavors.

“His enthusiasm for cooking is evident in every dish, from his house made curry pastes created from 38 individual ingredients, through to the decadent desserts that are on offer”. (‘Let us introduce you to Ben Massey’ – Focus Magazine

With a mix of shared dishes and singular choices, Ben uses Thai spices, modern Asian, classic European flavors and the freshest ingredients. His cooking displays a twist on the traditional; he creates delicious and unique dishes designed to be shared, loved and savored with great company and fabulous service.