Rocking Spirits


The simplest and most pure of all spirits, Vodka expresses wheat, rye, grape or potato characters and the water with which it is blended, without the influence of anything outside of its own nature. The Rocks’ favorite Vodkas are an expression of ancient distillation techniques and the most pure water on Earth. Vodka served directly from the Polish snow is an age old tradition and so, from the freezer, try the Vodka, to enjoy the nuances and individualities of our very best Vodkas in flight.

Wyborowa Poland
Cariel Vanilla Vodka Sweden
Ciroc France
Ketel One Holland
Zubowka Bison Grass Poland

Vodka Flight

A 20 mls taste of 4 of the best Vodkas the world has to offer.

Ketel One
Zubowka Bison Grass

Vodka Rocks

Bloody Mary
A Bartenders pour of Wyborowa, Tomato Juice + the Rocks’ spices
French Martini                                                                                   
Wyborowa Vodka, Chambord Berry Liqueur & pineapple served classic.
The Russians
Black – Wyborowa Vodka & Kahula
Tall  – stretched tall with cola
White – with a layer of cream
The Appletini Rocks
Wyborowa Vodka, Apple, St Germaine & Pommes verte
Toreador Martini
Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka, vanilla, honey & citrus flame


In essence, Gin begins its life as a pure spirit very much like Vodka. However the final distillation process introduces intriguing notes of up to twenty different botanicals; juniper, lemon—peel, cassia bark, angelica and orris are just some of the ingredients with which we create Gin. From its sordid days in London’s Gin Palaces and reputation of mother’s ruin, to its most sophisticated expression as a Martini, Gin is the perfect spirit from the gutter to the stars, on whichever end you find yourself. Raise your glasses to the great man W.C. Fields who never drank anything stronger than Gin before breakfast.

Beefeater London
Plymouth London
Bombay Sapphire London
Hendricks Scotland

Gin Rocks

20th Century Cocktail
Beefeater Gin, Lillet Blanc, White Créme de Cacao & lemon served classic
Beefeater Gin with lemon & sugar, slung overcrushed ice & a stain of Chambord
Bombay Sapphire Gin with dry & sweet Vermouth, fresh orange& served Bradford
Charlie Chaplin
Beefeater Gin, Sloe Gin, Marie Brizard Apry & Lime
Cheap Greek
As Charlie Chaplin with Ouzo
As Charlie Chaplin with Appleton Estate VX Rum


Rum is really, really cool, this page will see much work over the next few months. Think Bahamas, Jamaica man, think the British royal navy with their daily ration of liquid gold and lime, think Captain Jack Sparrow’s secret island cache, of the world’s most diverse and expressive spirits. Why else are Jamaicans and Cubans so cool? Their homes are the original birthplaces of rum.

From Blanco to dark with Anejo and gold – choose your favorite color and there is a rum to match it.  Rum is the new vodka; for those out in front of the pack, or even jaded vodka drinkers, please be the first and join in this exciting cosmopolitan lifestyle that is heralding in next year’s drink of choice.

Havana Club 3 Anos Cuba
Havana Club 7 Anos Cuba
Captain Morgan Spiced Trinidad/West Indies
 Appleton Estate VX Jamaica

Rum Rocks

Blood Orange Rum Mojito
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum & Amaretto, lime & mint slung over crushed ice, stretched tall with blood orange soda & nutmeg
Havana club 3 Anos, muddled lime & sugar, torn mint slung & stretched tall with soda
A ridiculously simple but perfect combination of Havana club 3 anos, lime & sugar, served classic
Fruit Daiquiri
As above, blended with fruit and ice. Apple & cinnamon, peach, lychee, passion fruit
Mai Tai
Havana Club 7 Anos Rum, Orgeat, Cointreau, Lime & Bitters, served Old Fashioned


Tequila has come a long way since your early memories of 21st birthday celebrations, with the worst hangover and illness anyone has ever had, waking up next to all sorts of things and always including that bloody little red plastic sombrero.

Early Tequilas were nothing more than rough fire water designed for maximum effect in minimal time. Tequila today is distilled more professionally and more hygienically, and aged for longer periods resulting in a smooth refined spirit with much style and character thus it is served with more respect; lemon and salt giving  way to orange and cinnamon. We know have available in this country Tequila so fine it can be swirled and sniffed like the finest French Brandies. So, chin up, the past is in the past, order a new tequila and live in the now.

Tequila Flight

A 20 ml taste of 3 of the best tequila that Mexico has to offer.

Tromba Bianco (100% agave) Mexico
Cuervo 1800 Anejo Mexico
Cuervo Riserva De La Familia Platino Mexico

Tequila Rocks

Blood Orange & Cardamom Sour
Tromba Bianco Tequila, Grand Marnier, blood orange and lemon juice with cardamom syrup, served short
The All Time Classic combination of Tromba Bianco Tequila, Cointreau  & lemon juice

Whisk(e)y & Bourbon

Bourbon is the United States of America’s greatest gift to the global spirit industry. this native spirit came circa 1700’s when Irish settlers far from home without whisky or grain to make it, started experimenting with corn that was being grown to support the growth of the fledgling country.

Bourbon is the single most regulated spirit on earth and must be aged for a minimum of 2 years in virgin, charred, white oak barrels, containing no less than fifty one percent corn as starch.

The Manhattan is the smooth, yet sharp, way to drink bourbon; enjoy the subtle orange and vanillin notes that a great bourbon expresses.

Jack Daniels Tennessee
Maker’s Mark Kentucky
Canadian Club Canada

If you are reading this page, you’ve no need for our commentary. If you want to become a part of the Whisky fraternity and don’t know where to begin, start with the best and work backwards, or try our Malt Flight to sample what single malt lovers die for.

Malt Flight

A 20 ml taste of 3 of the very best malts.        

J & B Rare WHISKY   Scotland
Dalwhinnie 15 y.o. Scotland
Talisker 10 y.o. Scotland
Lagavaulin 16 y.o. Scotland

Whisk(e)y & Bourbon Rocks

Rocky Ricky
A bartender’s pour of Jack Daniels Bourbon, lime juice & Ginger Kid ginger beer
Maker’s Manhattan
Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Martini Rosso,& orange bitters stirred, strained & served classic
Nutty Tea
Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Frangelico, apple & lemon with chamomile tea & slung over crushed ice
By Appointment
J & B Rare WHISKY, Grand Mariner with mandarin, lemon, pineapple & chamomile tea, served classic