Aperitifs Rock

The Aperitif is designed to cleanse the palate and whet the appetite. Vermouth was first produced in the early 1800s with herbs and spices to mask the flavors of some poor quality local wines. Now, due to the perfected ancient techniques, it is a very popular and stylish way to begin the dining journey. Our staff would love to assist you in getting your night started in the most elegant of fashions. Partake in these drinks in the manner they were intended to be enjoyed: Generously refreshing and leaving you ready and wanting more.

Pimms No.1 Cup
Lillet Blanc   
Martini Rosso Sweet Vermouth
Martini Extra Dry Vermouth
Saint Germain Elderflower Liquour

Aperitif Cocktails

Aperol Sour
Aperol & lemon, shaken, served short
Bijou Rocks
Beefeater Gin & mandarin, Lillet Blanc served classic
Lillet Blanc
Generous pour of Lillet Blanc, orange oils & a twist, soda served on the rocks
Negrita Crush
Negroni & sparkling grapefruit juice served tall                     
Pimms No.1        
A bartenders pour of Pimms No.1 Cup, dry ginger, mint, lime, lemon & cucumber                  
The Corpse Reviver #2       
Beefeater Gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc & lemon, served Classic, Absinthe rinse                  
The Number One         
Wyborowa Vodka, a dash of Campari, tonic & lime served long

Pastis & Absinth(e)

La Fee Absinthe Bohemian     
La Fee Absinthe Parisian      
Pernod ‘Mummy’

Pastis… “Vous devez vous imaginer en provence, sur une de village, ά Lόmbre des plantanes, il ya a cĕsar qui ά la pĕtanque, les cigales chantent, il fait chaud, trĕs chaud…”

Imagine, the south of France, in a park overlooking the beach, the old men playing petanque seem as old as the weathered 16th Century bakery on the corner, it is hot, very hot. You add icy cold water to a little Pastis, and venture over to join the game.

The popular licorice flavored beverage is served in France as a ‘Mummy’ in a 15 ml portion, the round is to be enjoyed among friends, as a sign of respect and well wishing, a $5 shout is was easier to afford than a $10. It is drunk as thirst quencher in the south of France as readily as beer is in the North and here in Australia, so let’s drink it with a little water 1:4.

Double French
La Fee Absinthe Bohemian w Grand Mariner, Grapefruit, Mint, Lime served classic
Pernod w Wyborova, crème de Muir + Lemon
Havana Club 7Anos w lemon &Pernod
Bennet Blazer
La Fee Absinthe Parisian w espresso, orange, cinnamon & a flair