Wow! What an amazing first month we have experienced – December was really was a case of “hold on to your hat”!

Management and staff at Rocks on Rosalind would just like to say a big THANKS to every one who has come through and supported our new venue during our opening period.

So what have we learned during our first month of trade?

1. We think you like us! It has been so lovely to not only meet everyone coming through, but to see many of you returning already. To have regulars during your first month of trade is a pretty nice complement.

2. You like our beverage selection. In particular, sparkling wine, martinis and beer. Local craft beer champions Bendigo Beer will be pleased to see that we have provided more than 1800 serves of craft beer during December. Finn and the beverage team were kept super busy making cocktails too… (almost 200 martinis were created!)

3. Banquet and shared dining is still popular. Although we offer both shared and traditional dining here at Rocks, by far our “Rock the Banquet” menu has been the most popular. More than 700 of you have experienced this already.

4. Ben needs a bigger kitchen! With thousands of plates of food leaving the kitchen in December, the team is a little short on space. Amazing effort team!

5. You like dessert. Our dessert selection was also a great success with hundreds of serves ordered.

6. Not everyone understood exactly what we are about, but that’s ok. Thank you to our customers who took the time to review us on sites like Trip Advisor and Urban Spoon. We appreciate your feedback, regardless of how you rate us. If we can use the feedback to improve we will. Thankyou to those of you told the world you loved us. (We are flattered!)

7. It’s time to formally launch The Courtyard. Get ready for the next step in the Rocks revolution. Keep an eye out for the February afternoon launch party to showcase this area.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us thus far – we look forward to seeing you again very soon, and to meeting those who haven’t had a chance to see us yet.