Ben is in his element at the moment, playing around with something a little different for Bendigo – one of the world’s most sought after fish species, the Patagonian Toothfish.

Ben prepared the prehistoric creature last night for local food and wine appreciation club Beef Steak and Burgundy, served with pear and witlof remoulade, and a citrus and honey buerre blanc. The guests were blown away by the dish, and with the dinner overall, graciously describing the evening as “World Class”.

A world class dinner – Beefsteak and Burgundy Club

The Toothfish lives for up to 50 years, and is found 2000 metres below sea level in the sub-Antarctic; 4,109 km from mainland Australia in the waters around Heard Island, one of the world’s most inhospitable areas.

A prized possession for pirates, in August 2003 an Australian Fisheries patrol boat was involved in a 20-day sea chase finally seizing approximately 85 tonnes of the rare toothfish, with an estimated value at the time of about $570,000.

The fish has a high fat content projecting characteristics similar to Wagyu, and is found at some of the best restaurant across the world including Neil Perry’s Rockpool restaurants and Nobu 57 in New York.

Priced around $220 per fillet, the fish’s flavour is versatile and can be served with a broad range of ingredients. Ben says, “it really is the best fish in the world”.

Rocks on Rosalind customers have the chance to try Patagonian Toothfish over the next week,as the fish will be available on our specials board.

Served with smoked local leeks, thyme compote and fresh local figs, the dish is available in 2 sizes, $26.90 (100gm) or $49.90 (200 gm).

Come in and try it!