Can you believe it’s been a year already?

Nope? Well neither can we.  It’s been a pretty exciting past 12 months, filled with new friends, live music, major events and of course… FOOD!

You may have noticed that we like things that are BIG. Here are a few BIG achievements for 2014.


1. Along with his awesome team, cooked:

2. Built a new cool room and storage area – after deciding the existing one was on the small side, Ben helped to build a new one. All 14.3 metres of it…

3. Started to renovate downstairs and shoveled the earth himself, removing 4 tonnes of it to prepare for the plumbing requirements!


1. More than 5000 cocktails were shaken, stirred, blended, layered, ignited… (you get the idea..)

2. Poured hundreds of litres of sparkling wine – from France, to Italy to home.  If it fizzed you drank it.

3. Decided that Rocks should be a Bendigo Blues and Roots Music Festival venue. The. Biggest. Venue.

4. Jumped head first into supporting the inaugural year of Bendigo on the Hop… and Hop is just what it did!

5. Welcomed a daughter into the world.  Hello Olivia!

Thank you to our first birthday party guests, and to all of you who have popped in over the last 12 months.  Even it was only just once, you have contributed to a first year that we had only dreamed of.