September 2 and 3: Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (BIFEM) strutted onto the international music scene in September 2013, winning critical praise from around the world and delivering festival and broadcast audiences a visceral experience.

In 2016, Rocks is thrilled to announce our brand new partnership with BIFEM, as their official restaurant of choice all day and every day of the festival, and the host of the brand new festival club on Friday and Saturday nights of the festival.

“Situated in the heart of the festival precinct, Rocks on Rosalind’s Director Finn Vedelsby has created a sophisticated, magical domain with an attention to detail that perfectly matches the relaxed, social reputation of BIFEM. The Festival Club is the perfect unwind to each day of the festival and Rocks on Rosalind, our natural home.  See you at the bar!” –

Festival Club & DJ

In addition to hosting BIFEM attendees to recharge or unwind, directors Finn and Ben’s vision for the private and chilled atmosphere of Rocks UNDERGROUND also aligns with the festival’s late night Festival Club entertainment space.  Rocks will be serving a ‘supper club’ styled menu on the Friday and Saturday evenings of BIFEM from 10pm till late downstairs in Rocks UNDERGROUND.

DJ Bio – Papaphilia

Papaphilia is the solo project of Fjorn (Gurner/ In Vivo/ Oranj Punjabi).

As Oranj Punjabi Fjorn explored anxiety-ridden embodiment in live performance, amalgamated with improvised harsh electronic effects, and tape manipulation, releasing material on Tristes Tropique, Mazurka Editions and Altered States Tapes.

Currently she is one third of deep psychedelic improvised eletronic trio Gurner with Emma Albury (Eko Eko Azarak, Leopard Leg) and Sharryn Koppens (Dick Threats). Since switching focus to her Papaphilia pseudonym and releasing ‘Defeating The Animal’ on the iconic Future Archaic label, Fjorn has begun to flesh out a palette which strives to morph the gruesome into exaltation, valorizing the profane through the abstraction of stoned plagues of RnB and Disco samples that smear themselves wildly against waves of backwashed synths and deep harmonics, pointillist bloops and
ghostly rhythmic chatter. Rhythms and beats are sludged out, processed into the dankest liquid, conjoining to make a stiff mould turn into to sick sticky muck; a formless rolling jelly.

Her current release 4 Animals Dream of a Shadow explores the sonic possibilities of broadening Anglophone models of inquiry, that prioritise forging internal and objective perspectives as total vision, to include more disorienting embodied and durational experiences that do not centre the eye, such as grief and desire.

Papaphilia has released 1 EP length cassette, 1 full length cassette on Nice Music and will release a 2nd full length cassette this year on Virulent Rationality. This year she performed at Tectonics as part of the Adelaide Festival in 2016 and will be playing as part of Double Vision in Sydney in early October.