Celebrate this Christmas with gifts that rock. We’ve got three of our favourite ideas for cocktail lovers, dessert aficionados and your foodie friends.

1. Rocks on Rosalind Gift Voucher
When you just can’t choose – a Rocks on Rosalind gift voucher is a great gift for nearly everyone. If you know someone who loves delicious food, cocktails, wine or craft beer, we guarantee they will love a Rocks voucher this Christmas.

Call ahead and order your voucher and we will have it ready for you to collect.

2. Progressively Delicious Dessert Tour

This gift is perfect for the ones who skip straight to the dessert menu. We’ve teamed up with our neighbours Mr Beebes and Winebank on View to be a part of the Progressively Delicious Dessert Tour. The tour incorporates three stunning historic venues and three stunning dishes matched with a signature beverage. Dessert and cocktails here at Rocks, cheese and wine at Wine Bank and dessert with craft beer at Mr Beebes.

Available to purchase here.

3. Cocktail Masterclass

We all know a cocktail enthusiast, so why not treat them to a Cocktail Masterclass? The classes are hosted by Finn, who will show step by step how a superior mixologist creates their stunning beverages.  Learn how to make (and consume!) 4 Rocks cocktails, complete with delicious canapes served over the afternoon.

Available to purchase here.