And the history lesson continues..

How did you go in week 2? Week 3 of our 31 Cocktails in 31 Days kicks off with the 1907s Dubonnet Cocktail.

Week Three.  August 15th – 21st



Dubonnet Cocktail

A cocktail that became extremely popular in Britain during the 1920’s containing the French vermouth, Gin and lemon juice. A dry cocktail of complexity considering it’s ingredients are only three.


Singapore Sling

Arguments about the original recipe for this drink, created by Ngiam Tong Boon at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel, are pointless. There is no definitive or verified recipe in existence. We can piece together an idea from notes scribbled on paper by ex guests of the hotel or even takeBoon’s nephew’sword for it. Our version however will make any conjecture irrelevant.



Created at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, this is a richer version of a Margarita. Tequila is substituted for Cognac and lime juice for lemon. A rich, perfectly balanced cocktail from the ‘sours’ family.



Essentially an Americano Cocktail that has been fortified with Gin in place of the usual soda water. Every bartender’s favourite at one time or another for a reason.
Sweet, bitter and strong all at once and a classic aperitif not for the faint of heart.


Bloody Mary

The World’s favourite restorative or heart starter, again, this drink’s origins can be debated endlessly. Our version is heavy on the lemon and Worsestershire, creating a drink that is savoury and drier than many. Our favourite method of getting one’s vegetables. This tall, punchy source of vitamin C and happiness is generally credited to Fernand Petiot during his time at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris.


White Lady

Harry MacElhone, during his time at London’s Ciro’s Club, created the original version of this drink using Creme de Menthe. This version is his updated and in our opinion far superior version using Gin, Cointreau and lemon juice.


Brandy Alexander

A twist on the classic Gin Alexander, this ‘equal parts’ drink perfectly combines Cognac, chocolate and cream. The ultimate after dinner tipple regardless of how much one has eaten.


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