Week 4: 31 Cocktails in 31 Days

We’re past half way now.. week 4 kicks off with the 1934 Zombie.

Week Four.  August 22nd – 29th



The first of our Tiki drinks for the month, this tropical banger was first created by Don the Beachcomber.


Mai Tai

Trader Vic’s first restaurant in Oakland, California is the birthplace of this short but perfectly balanced cocktail. Essentially a Rum sour with orange and almond liqueurs.


Pina Colada

Pineapple. Rum. Coconut cream. If there is anyone alive that does not appreciate this drink, guilty pleasure or not, then they are not to be trusted in any way shape or form.

Forget the weather. This is a tropical holiday in a glass.


Blue Lagoon

Teased hair, Madonna, blue eyeshadow and discotheques. A highball style drink of questionable colour but undeniably delicious flavours. Go on, do a little two step with us and enjoy this drink from our childhood.


Vodka Espresso

This drink is the precursor of the ubiquitous Espresso Martini. Created for a famous model who walked into Salvator Calabrese’s bar and asked for a drink to ‘wake me up and f*%# me up’. Such a potty mouth.



We are still arguing over the genesis of this drink. We are presenting it as close to it’s original form, when the drink was not as sugared as it became in the early 2000’s.

As a tribute to Dale DeGroff, the bartender who most popularised this drink, we will finish it with a flamed orange zest.



Another Dick Bradsell masterpiece and a perfectly named cocktail. It speaks of London more eloquently than many drinks before it. Gin, lemon and Blackberry.

A beautiful riff on a standard sour formula.

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