Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and Rocks on Rosalind present: 

[Collective Noun: a group or multiple of barmen]

Saturday 17th March 2018.

Every community has its stories. The Rocks on Rosalind cocktail community have their own stories to tell, led by the 2 best storytellers around; Rocks’ director and local cocktail champion Finn Vedelsby and Former Australian Bar Manager of the year now Rocks manager, Tim Wastell who have been great mates for more than a decade.

Tim’s profound knowledge of beverage history is only surpassed by his enthusiasm of all things drinkable and fuelled by his quest to truly understand centuries of drink creativity and culture.

Together Finn and Tim invite you to A PROMISE OF BARMEN: TALES OF LIQUID FRIENDSHIP, and to become part of the Rocks cocktail community as they take you on a wild ride of incredible cocktails, unbelievable drink culture storytelling and a history lesson with a difference.

Try the drink, hear the accompanying story; funny, inspiring and mixed with a range of expletives for good measure. This event is bold, boozy and brash. Get ready for an afternoon you hope to remember.