Warming up for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, we are very excited to have at Rocks:


Thursday 15th March, 2018.

A wine science talk with jokes, answering questions such as how much wine you can drink, why you drink, how come Hungarians are dangerous with Champagne, and how horrible it was to work for Dom Perignon.

Luke Morris, a wine buff, science student and comedian is off to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and is looking for a clever crowd to practice on.

Good for those keen to learn how wine, beer, spirits and attitude affect the body, or just for a laugh about drinks.

• Arrival at 5.30pm, show starts at 6.00pm.
• Grab a drink from the bar and settle in for some laughs
• Stay on for dinner and make a night out of it.

This is a free event
Please register to let us know you are coming, That way we can make sure we’ve got everything in place to look after you.